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Techniques mixtes

Latex, simili cuir, métal, bois


I am a symbol.

Oh, all-powerful men, fools that you are !

open your eyes.


I am the incarnation of All.

I represent humanity, such as its masters have made it.


Mankind is mutilated.

That which has been done to me has been done to it.

In it have been deformed right, justice, truth, reason, intelligence, as eyes, nostrils, and ears have been deformed in me; its heart has been made a sink of passion and pain, like mine, and, like mine, its features have been hidden in a mask of joy.


Where God had placed his finger, the king set his sign-manual.


Monstrous superposition !


Bishops, peers, and princes, the people is a sea of suffering, smiling on the surface.

My lords, I tell you that the people are as I am.

To-day you oppress them; to-day you hoot at me.


But the future is the ominous thaw.


In which that which was as stone shall become wave.

The appearance of solidity melts into liquid.


A crack in the ice, and all is over.


Victor Hugo, The Man Who Laughs, Ch. VII: Storms of Men are Worse than Storms of Oceans

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